Children with Disability

As Specialist Paediatric Dentists we understand how childhood illness and disability can impact oral health and dental treatment, and how dental health can significantly affect general health. Our staff are very supportive in treating children who have medical, physical and intellectual conditions, including those with behavioural challenges, and understand the importance of dental care that is tailored to your child’s needs. To achieve this, we are happy to work in conjunction with your child’s other health care providers.

We are aware that there are many stimuli in a dental practice that may provoke anxiety in your child. To build trust and create a safe a happy place for your child treatment will only be carried out at the first visit if there is a need for emergency care or to reduce pain or infection. We commonly use familiarisation and desensitisation practices to reduce anxiety but in some instances it may also be helpful to develop a pre-appointment plan. This involves a discussion with one of our Specialist Paediatric Dentists to explore your areas of concern and for you to explain to us what techniques you feel will assist with your child having a positive dental experience.

We also have regular access to general anaesthetic lists, should this be necessary as part of the management of your child’s dental needs.

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